Piddington Roman Villa Museum

Piddington Museum

Roman Archaeology
Discover your own piece of Roman history! Excavate at Piddington Roman Villa and learn how to excavate, what happens to dug up artefacts and how to interpret your discoveries. If it's raining, find out how archaeological sites are discovered with aerial photography, then grow your own crop mark in cress!

Roman Medicine
Could you be a Roman doctor? Use role-play to explore how illnesses were treated in Roman times and then make an earache remedy to take back to school!

Roman Food
What and how did the Romans eat? Discover the evidence for Roman diet and dining, sample Roman foods and then cook some dishes for your classmates to try! Always a popular choice.

Roman Writing and Money
Use our wax tablets to write a message in Latin to your friends. Try your hand at making Roman ink and then become an expert in Roman coins by using our microscopes to take a closer look at actual coins.

Roman Children
What was it like to be a child in Roman times? Dress up as a Roman child and make your own bulla - a good luck charm - to wear. Try your hand at Roman writing and numbers.

Roman Religion
What did the Romans believe? Find out about the major Roman gods and goddesses, write a curse to avenge an enemy and look at how the Romans worshipped.

Roman Entertainment
Try your hand at some popular Roman games!

Roman Animals
Look at the evidence for how the Romans used animals at Piddington. Learn how to tell a sheep from a cow and a horse from a wolfl

Roman Army
Make your own shield and discover what weapons and tactics the Roman army used. Can you use your knowledge to beat your enemies in the final drama activity?

Roman Art
Discover the evidence for how Piddington Roman Villa was decorated. Try your hand at creating your own fresco or mosaic.

Visit To Piddington Parish Church

Become a detective and complete a trail around Piddington Parish Church. On your journey learn how Christians worship, which different colours are used in the church year and how the church has changed over time.